A young man, dressed in a suit, was walking along Brighton Pier in Melbourne’s bay side on a wintry and very windy day. Along with his family, he was preparing to scatter his grandmother’s ashes into Port Phillip Bay when a drama unfolded before him.

Sue Drummond was walking on the pier with her dog Bibi, a Maltese-shitzu, and the weather was wild. Without warning, the wind lifted little Bibi up and cast him into the sea. Sue panicked and was in despair that her dog would drown, as he was going under in the rough and choppy water. She was worried that if she jumped in, she wouldn’t make it to safety with the dog. She was thinking, “Oh my God, he’s going to go under. I was distraught.”

Without hesitation, Raden Soemawinata stripped down, left with just his shirt and underwear, and slipped into the cold water.

“It was another life. I thought to myself, ‘Someone’s got to go in.’” “The dog was trying to swim, but it wasn’t making any ground. It was struggling pretty frantically.”

“I was wearing a suit, so I said to my sister, ‘Could you hold my jacket and shirt?’ and then I stripped down and jumped in.”

Raden was honored by Animals Australia with a Compassionate Citizen Award for his bravery in putting his life at risk to rescue Bibi.

The organization’s executive director, Glenys Oogjes, said, “Raden’s action in jumping into the sea in such wild weather to rescue Bibi was truly courageous and most likely saved the life of this little dog.”

“Bibi would have succumbed if he hadn’t jumped in,” Sue said. “He’s such a very nice young man.”

Luckily, Raden was able to grab hold of Bibi and passed him on to Sue, who reached down to grab hold of the shivering and frightened dog.

Well done, Raden! You are a shining example of selflessness and compassion. I’m sure your late grandmother would have been very proud of you. The entire rescue was captured by a Herald Sun photographer who was at the scene.

Watch the rescue below!

Photo credit: Facebook | Raden Soemawinata

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