Here’s something to do for fun when the winter season is on, other than making a snowman. This trick has baffled many onlookers over the internet and only if you watch the video can you understand why!

Credit: Pixabay (Representational Image)

For many, it looks like a magic trick but if you learn the science behind it, even you can pull this trick off at home. So take advantage of the cold and leave your friends puzzled!

In the video, John M. Hoyt left a regular bottle of water on the front seat of his car all night long. It was minus four-degree Celsius that night which made the water super cool, however, the water was still in a liquid state.

Credit: Pixabay (Representational Image)

He then taps the bottle against the car and the bottle immediately freezes and becomes a slush. Breath-taking! This video is definitely one you should watch and not miss out on!

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