Parenting can be hard, but there are some parents out there who have proved that challenges can be turned into adventure, innovation, and excitement. Simple tips and tricks that make the lives of those with children easier are always appreciated. Here are some amazing life hacks shared by smart and experienced parents from around the world.

1. Add some puffy paint to prevent your baby’s socks from slipping

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2. A great hack to make your child take the medicine

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3. Doorknob covers prevent children from opening the door and increases safety

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4. The round shape of this bottle makes it easy for little hands to grip onto and hold

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5. Going on a long flight with your baby, make a special backpack with all the toys your baby likes

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6. Having more than one child in the backseat of your car can be a challenge. The innovative method by this dad will solve the problem in no time!

Credit: Facebook | Jake White

7. Keep sand out at the beach using a fitted sheet

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