In a recent move, Samsung decided to open a mammoth sized manufacturing unit in Noida. The development will result in the Noida unit becoming the world’s largest mobile manufacturing unit.

The 35 acres facility in sector 81 of Noida was officially inaugurated on Monday by India’s PM Narendra Modi and South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

Last year the tech giant Samsung had announced an investment of 4,915 crores to expand the factory according to India Times. Now that the plant is ready, it will double the production of smartphones manufactured each year from 67 million to 120 million.

The expansion will also double the production capacity of consumer electronics like refrigerators and televisions. The plant was started in 1997 for manufacturing televisions. The mobile manufacturing unit was added in 2005. This new expansion model has now put the factory at the forefront of Samsung’s manufacturing plan.


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