Heart failure is a serious issue, and because the heart is the engine of the cardiovascular system, it dictates the course of your life. Experts have stated that heart failure is one of the biggest reasons for fatalities in the world. It is not restricted to a gender and more importantly, the biggest culprit is our lifestyle.

Your body always tells you things, whether its hurting or healthy and it shows in its appearance. In the same way, indications are given by your body before anything disrupts the healthy cycle of your heart. Being one of the main organs that sustains life, nothing should be ignored so, Times of India has reported eight warning signs that you should look out for to prevent heart failure!

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We all understand the basics of the heart, it pumps blood throughout your body. When it is not able to do its job properly, it leads to swollen feet, ankles and legs. The reason the feet is one of the first places to be affected is that ‘fluid from blood vessels drips into surrounding tissues’ and gravity comes into play. Most importantly, this is considered to be the most common symptom of heart disease.

Your brain is a funny thing, and although the top dog of your body along with your heart it can sometimes interpret things a little differently. Another common symptom of heart disease is arm pain that spreads throughout the limb. The pain from the heart travels to the spinal cord that has a number of nerves that are connected with each other; this is what results in the brain thinking that the pain is in the arm hiding a serious issue.

Coughing and increased levels of anxiety are two other signs that may be mild but should not be ignored. While coughing is considered to be a sign of disease in the cardiovascular system, coughing blood is a symptom of heart failure. TOI reported that health experts stated that individuals who suffer from severe levels of anxiety are vulnerable to heart disease. Of course, there are numerous things that can cause the body stress and anxiety, but it can cause high blood pressure and a non-rhythmic heart rate.

When the heart is under stress because of blocked blood flow, breathlessness occurs and that may result in fainting. It is important to remember that if you or anyone you know experiences fainting and breathlessness, consulting a doctor is the way to go.

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TOI reported that a study by The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology and Journal of the American College of Cardiology stated that forty-eight per cent of individuals that suffer from eczema also suffer from increased blood pressure with twenty-nine per cent experiencing increased cholesterol levels as well. It further stated that people with shingles are at a higher risk of a heart attack.

Sleep apnea, insomnia or snoring are sleeping problems that make you vulnerable to heart disease. These are what experts call ‘interrupted sleeping patterns’ that increases the pressure on the heart. It is also important to note that sleep apnea is associated with increased blood pressure, heart failure and stroke.

Although many reasons behind this is a possibility, erectile dysfunction is considered a warning sign of heart problems. The reason this happens is because the flow of blood from the heart to the penis is disrupted resulting in arteries that are narrowed which could result in failure of the heart.

Anyone of these symptoms individually or in unison should not be taken lightly nor should anything unusual your body does. Consulting a doctor could prevent a lot more health problems than most people think.


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