Nanny cams are typically put in place by parents to get assurance that their children are safe while they’re away. One Washington woman, however, discovered the potential danger of home surveillance cameras when she logged into her surveillance system one day.

Sandie Kaplanis of Washington received a Vivitar smart camera from her son one Christmas. She has been using the nanny cam as a way to keep an eye on her 14-year-old Labrador, Amber, while she’s at work.

Amber suffers from kidney failure. So, with the help of the home surveillance camera, she can rest assured that her dog is doing well.

“I watch her to see if she’s breathing, to see if she is okay,” Kaplanis told WJLA.

One day, when Kaplanis was logging in to check on Amber on her cell phone, she caught sight of something creepy that gave her a shock.

Instead of seeing her adorable four-legged lab, she saw the still frame image of a sleeping girl.

“I see this little girl and I say, ‘What is this?’” Kaplanis said.

Baffled, she logged in and out of the system, but the strange image of the little girl was still there for the entire day.

“So I log out and I log back in and I see my dog, and I log back in and I see this little girl. And this happened for a period of over 24 hours,” she recalled.

Kaplanis shared her somewhat spine-chilling story to a local news station. She wanted to offer a word of caution to parents who intend to purchase a nanny cam.

“I want people to know if you buy this, and set it up for your little baby, somebody else could be watching,” she said.

When WJLA contacted Vivitar, a spokesperson said the company had launched an investigation and hadn’t noticed anything unusual on its end. The spokesperson added it was the first time they have encountered such a complaint.

To offer an apology, the company sent four new cameras to Kaplanis.

Hopefully, in light of this odd occurrence, the company can do something to fix up this “bug.” But, it’s rather unsettling to think that whether via some sort of freak occurrence or hacking, anybody could be watching you and your family through your nanny cam.

Watch the video:

Photo credit: Video Screenshot | WJLA.

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