It’s true that having a sharp brain is like an asset as it can help us in many walks of life. That said, being forgetful can be a real bummer. For instance, imagine you have to go for an urgent medical appointment but you forget to carry your reports along with you. There are also times when we tend to forget important birthdays of our family members which can look very bad. Moreover, everybody usually looks down on people who are forgetful and absent-minded. 

However, it is found that it is normal since all of us have a tendency to forget.

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Usually, when it happens to us, we either feel dumb or we worry that there’s something wrong with us. We feel our brain lacks something which in turn makes us envious of the people who have a sharp memory.

But did you know the human brain continuously processes our memory by deleting old ones and replacing them with updated data? Also, the brain also keeps important memory which would be useful in decision making.

The reason our brain does so is, because of the crowding of the memory wherein which data is most likely to conflict and interfere with the decision making.

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A new study confirms that we aren’t suffering from short-term memory loss like goldfishes and we shouldn’t feel brain deficient. Moreover, a neuron journal suggests forgetting is a natural process in our human brain and that it might actually make you smarter.

It tells us that forgetting can be beneficial when it comes to decision making as we make our choice on what is really important at the moment. So don’t worry if you tend to forget things since your brain is filtering information from your memory.

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One of the greatest examples of a forgetful person and yet a genius would be Albert Einstein. He was known for his intelligence and contribution to science. This genius was the pillar of physics and has developed several theories that are bases of many studies even today.

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