To retrieve a stolen item swallowed by a snatcher, Jabalpur police in Madhya Pradesh decided to go the surgical path. Instead of making matters worse, they thought logically and came up with this solution. 

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Two people on a motorcycle snatched a gold necklace (Mangalsura) from 70-year-old Kalavati Yadav on June 27. The police then tracked down the two accused, Suraj Dumar, 20, and Raju Thapa, 25. However, moments before they were arrested, Dumar swallowed the necklace in a desperate attempt to cover his tracks.

Later when the cops took an X-ray, it was revealed that the piece of jewellery was planted in his guts. In 2016, a similar problem was faced by Mumbai Police and they force-fed four dozen bananas to the snatcher to recover the stolen gold chain. But, this method took them two days to retrieve the chain.

Police in Jabalpur took the smarter option and opted for the surgical procedure and got the jewellery out in five minutes.

According to Hindustan Times “We consulted doctors at the Subhash Chandra Bose Medical College in Jabalpur and they assured that the operation would be safe. The endoscopic surgery took five minutes and we had the evidence in our hands,” additional superintendent of police Deepak Shukla said as he displayed the jewellery during a press conference.

The district’s superintendent of police Shashikant Shukla announced that a reward of ₹10,000 to the team that nabbed the accused.

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