Food for Thought: First Series

One World, One Mission: The Changing World Dynamics

In the changing world dynamics, as countries realign themselves on the emerging geopolitical and geo-economical stage, we take a look at growing Indian influence. Next three months we’ll accept guest contributions on “One World, One Mission: The Changing World Dynamics” in a series inspired by our visionHope and Humanity.

Public-spirited conscious citizens who think of the society and feel the urge to change things right in their surrounding can submit their contributions to [email protected]

We also remain open to your suggestions, however, the wider suggested topics are:

  • India as an emerging thought leader in the Asian region
  • India’s development initiatives in the emerging power dynamics in Asia (India’s emerging development partnerships on the region)
  • India in context of the emerging dialogue in International Community on Chinese Human Rights
  • Emerging world scenario and the lessons from Indian democracy
  • ASEAN–Sharing the Indian legacy (India’s cultural influence in the Asian region)
  • Emerging Indian diaspora across the world and its contributions
  • Grassroot democracy and democratic institutions

All the contributions should be subjected as ‘Food for Thought’-Topic name and mailed to [email protected] by 15 July 2018.

Best contributions will be published by 20 August. Further best will be produced into a video series.


‘Food for Thought’ is a quarterly column of NTD India. We just turned one year old and in this one year we have emerged as the leading Facebook channel in the country. While we work constantly to meet our vision of ‘Hope and Humanity’–we also dream of India taking a leading stage in the world, rooted in it’s time tested values of tolerance, non-violence and compassion. Topic for this column is announced every once in three months.

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