Art is a subjective talent and can take on different forms based on the artist’s influences – this, on the other hand, is absolutely mesmerizing. This video shows the works of sandcastle sculptors in Demark, and you can’t help but wonder how did they manage to pull off this kind of artistry?


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You have to admit, growing up, creating sandcastles on the beach was one of the hardest things ever, not to mention to actually keep it standing was such a hassle. These sculptors have taken the childhood pastime and created a massive masterpiece that will absolutely take your breath away!



From beautiful sea creatures, divers and mermaids to SpongeBob and Patrick, they have portrayed beauty through intricacy and detailed handiwork.



Watch this amazing gallery as this videographer takes you through almost all its entirety. We really need to put this place on our bucket list, you should too!

Credit: Viralhog

Tags: art, Denmark, sculptor, and sandcastle. Categories: Art.

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