Indian medical professionals can now apply for jobs in the United Kingdom as doctors and nurses have been removed from the Tier 2 visa cap. There were a lot of changes made in the immigration rules. But India was not among the countries to have a simplified visa application process for international students.

Credit: Twitter. More doctors and nurses can apply for jobs in the UK

Home secretary Sajid Javid removed the Tier 2 visa on medical professionals. The Tier 2 visa is only for highly skilled professionals. Times of India reported, for the past few months, the applications have been crossing the monthly limit, because of which many doctors and nurses are being rejected visas. With this move, more doctors and nurses will be allowed to work in the UK which will help in filling the NHS vacancies. NHS takes up 40% of the Tier 2 places, now more vacancies will open up every year and there is more place for occupations such as engineers, IT professionals and teachers. “This year so far 200 Indian doctors were refused visas because of the cap,” Dr. Ramesh Mehta, president of BAPIO (British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin), said to TOI.

Dr. Ramesh Mehta told TOI, “Right now we need 10,000 doctors in the UK and even more nurses. We don’t want a brain drain from India, but many Indian doctors are keen to have training in the UK. It will benefit them, they can stay a few years and then go back. BAPIO will now assist Health Education England in bringing Indian doctors to England. However, we are keen to ensure they are not just used as an extra pair of hands but that they get appropriate mentoring and training.”

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The office also announced that they were simplifying the process of the visa application for international students entering with the Tier 4 visa scheme, and only for some specific countries. But, India was not on the list of those countries. China, Mexico, and Thailand were on the list of countries benefiting from this new procedure. “It is disappointing that preferential treatment is being given to some countries and India is not on the list, and surprising given claims from the British government that they want to attract the best and brightest from India,” said Sanam Arora, founder and chairperson, National Indian Students and Alumni Union UK to TOI. She also added, “It is driving home the hostility message. Clearly, the British government sees an economic advantage in easing restrictions for Chinese students. It is all tied up with the UK-China trade relationship and they, therefore, give all sorts of favors to China,” she said.

The home secretary Sajid Javid also announced that the tier 1 exceptional talent visa route would be open to fashion designers and to a wider pool of film and TV applicants reported TOI.



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