Cancer is considered to be an epidemic that can’t be stopped because a cure to its menace has yet to be found. That is not to be said that we can’t do our part to keep it at bay; for this lifestyle can play a positive role.

With no accurate cause of origin, cancer has managed to take millions of lives worldwide leaving people stunned at its ability to quickly deteriorate the body. Negative contributions such as foods containing heavy toxins, a poor diet and deficiencies of certain nutrients have been labelled culprits.

News recently stalled many in their tracks when actress Sonali Bendre who was recently diagnosed with metastatic cancer revealed her tragedy on July 4. Keeping her speedy recovery in our prayers with the help of her treatment in New York, we should keep in mind that shocks like this bring the forgotten issue of a healthy lifestyle back to light.

Indian Express reported that although most have given up hope when it comes to dealing with cancer, you can always do your part to remain healthy regardless of the diseases that seem to strike at the worst times. Here are 10 foods that you can try out!

1. Broccoli

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Hated by a few, but loved by many, this green charm helps fight prostate, colon and bladder cancer.  It contains fibre and sulforaphane, which is considered to be a ‘potent compound’ that aids in boosting the body’s natural protective enzymes. What this does is it flushes out cancer-causing chemicals.

2. Oranges

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Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, it encompasses the requirements needed for preventing cancer. Fruits containing citrus reduces the risk of other diseases such as cholesterol while also decreasing weight. Indian Express suggests eating oranges alone and not to mix it with other foods so you can reap all its benefits.

3. Green Tea

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Filled with antioxidants, it has the ability to prevent oesophagal, lung, oral, liver, pancreatic and prostate cancer. It also has polyphenols that have anti-cancer properties and helps in cell replication.

4. Ginger

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Ginger can, in fact, trick cancerous cells into killing themselves, shocking right?  It also can block ovarian cancer cells from increasing in growth which biologically stunts its ability to spread. Further, ginger has been used for ages to relieve nausea and motion sickness.

5. Garlic

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Known for its antibacterial properties, it aids in warding off cancer in different ways, one of which is it stops cancer cells from multiplying. It kills cancer cells from the breast, colon, oesophagal and the stomach.

6. Blueberries

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The antioxidants present in them ‘neutralize’ free radicals which are unstable compounds, that are responsible for damaging cells which can lead to cancer.

7. Apples

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Besides proving the saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ with its many disease-fighting benefits, it also helps to kill prostate and breast cancer cells.

8. Salmon

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The omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, proteins and selenium all help in preventing liver cancer, as well as reduce the risk of a cardiac arrest.

9. Lentils

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They produce enzymes that benefit us through its anti-cancer benefits and prevent bowel and breast cancer. It also helps regular sugar levels in the blood.


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