The recently concluded 2017 India-Africa ICT Summit laid out collaborative plans for developing India and Africa through ICT, an endeavour that falls in line with the central Government ‘Digital India’ theme.

Image Courtesy – Innovation Society India

The summit that happened on 1-2 December 2017 in New Delhi also discussed the possibilities of setting up IT parks for promoting IT-ITeS business in Africa. “IT parks in Africa will bring opportunities, emoluments, and development in Africa. Its development offering through India will bring business opportunities for small and medium enterprises of India,” Dr. Deepak Jain, General Secretary Innovation Society told NTD.

The wider theme of the summit that saw participation from Uganda, South Sudan, Ghana, Namibia, USA, UAE, UK and India, was ‘Confronting ICT and Cyber Challenges, Developing India and Africa through ICT, Opportunities, Challenges and way forward.’

Image Courtesy – Innovation Society India

The summit created a platform for 11-topic panel discussion that discovered many opportunities like e-court, smart cities and other ICT supported ventures. “These opportunities were then mapped to the current projects, themes and policies of Government of India,” explained Dr. Jain.

“The projects will now be given development shapes and eligible small and medium enterprises  shall be involved for tapping the mutual benefits from identified areas,” he said.

According to press statement released by the summit, the event had three major outcomes including the 2017 India-Africa Excellence Awards in 39 categories and the launch of Asia Africa Development Council (AADC) for Peace and Sustainable Development.  The summit a direct boost for bilateral relationships between India and Africa also set-up an India-Africa ICT Directory.

The summit was jointly organised by the Innovation Society India, Computer Society of India, Ministry of Electronics and IT, Government of India and Public Opinion International Uganda.


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