One of the wonderful things about street art is that it almost always manages to capture our attention due to its creativity. 3D street art is very much akin to magic as the artists unleash their imagination to turn an ordinary brick wall into a mind-boggling masterpiece. Check out some of the amazing pieces of street art from around the world.

Parisian graffiti artist Astro created this mind-bending mural in Loures, Portugal

Credit: Instagram

Lisbon street art by Andrea Tarli

Credit: Instagram

You’ll think twice before taking your car out on this street

Credit: Instagram

Challenging our perception of familiar cityscapes and of reality

Credit: Instagram

This installation amazingly interacts with nature

Credit: Twitter

This was a project at the Brandenburger Tor 3D Street Art Berlin

Credit: Facebook

Street art in Grenoble, France

Credit: Instagram

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