As heavy rainfalls clutched Kerala and parts of Karnataka in its deathly claws, people from different backgrounds united to support the ones suffering. Among them was an IAS officer from Kodagu who stepped up to her call of duty despite being separated from the rest of her family.

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IAS P.I. Sreevidya is the deputy commissioner of Kodagu. She was only 8 months old in the post when the tragic disaster struck. According to OnManorama, her office received a call on Aug. 12 that the district was about to receive heavy and unusual rainfall.

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Sreevidya immediately swung into action. Relief camps were set up within hours and she began vacating people from danger-prone areas. She opened a control room in her office and worked closely with the Zila Panchayat CEO, police chiefs. The Chief Minister’s office would inquire about updates on an hourly basis. “All these ensured that we could minimise the loss to property and the impact on public life,” she told, according to reports from The Better India.

Amidst all this, her 4-year-old son understood the situation at hand and stayed with his grandparents at the camp house. Sreevidya was completely cut-off from her family for two days but unfazed, she continued with the rescue operations.

Her husband who is Pathanamthitta district police chief was busy with similar rescue operations in his area. “Believe me, I didn’t know his place was that badly affected. Neither did he know anything about the Kodagu floods,” she said about how they were not in contact with each other.

Sreevidya chose not to panic and tackled the situation at hand with expertise and confidence. Her efforts helped the people of Kodagu immensely.

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