The word Robotics involves a synthesis of analytical thinking paired with creativity and most importantly, passion. And to fuel all of this, ROBOVANZA, the first ever robotic fest of Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology (CBIT), is ready to provide a platform for students who are passionate about Robotics.

As we abide by the words: Spark, Ignite and Innovate, ROBOVANZA welcomes everyone from across the country to hone their skills and embark on a journey never seen before.

A promise of quality Robotics is made with a set of 10 compelling events. The main event of this fest is the BATTLE-FIELD, where two teams with their pair of robots battle against each other. Next up is COLOUR SORT, an enthralling event where objects having different colours are sorted in different directions. And then, if you are an ardent puzzle solver, JIGSAW SOLVER is the right event for you wherein you must design a robot capable to drag and drop the jumbled pieces to the right place and complete the puzzle. Adding more challenge to the regular event Line Follower, WALL TOUCH tests the ability of a robot to identify the path and touch two walls to mark a win.

And finally, a fest is incomplete without a race and a soccer game. Here at ROBOVANZA, we provide you the right place to test your robot’s speed with the event ROBO RACE and your robot’s precision with ROBO SOCCER.

Wait! There are more riveting events.
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