Everyone loves to be pampered so if you were given the chance to get a whole new look from professional stylists, would you take it? For two lovely women at the Today Show, it turned out to be their lucky day when they were picked from the audience for a makeover. Lourdes Hembrick is 52-years-old and lives in Texas with her husband. The soon to be nurse was excited, but also nervous about the cameras and the makeover, but looked forward to the transformation.


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As Lourdes’ husband anxiously waited for the reveal he confessed that he didn’t want the stylists coloring her grey hair. The moment she walks out, she looks an overwhelming number of years younger and the show hosts urge her husband to take off his mask. He tears off the mask and has a priceless reaction you won’t want to miss. In an instant you can see just how happy he is for his wife and she too can’t fight her tears upon seeing his reaction to her new look. This couple quickly capture everyone’s heart the second they see their obvious love for each other burns brightly with or without the need for a makeover.

Next up is Pam Kincheloe who juggles multiple careers as a nurse, midwife and lawyer. She confesses she hasn’t found an adequate hair stylist in quite some time but sure knows how to keep herself busy! She came to the plaza with her daughter-in-law and granddaughter and left looking and feeling like a completely different person. Her sweet reaction to her new ‘trendy’ look is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. See the amazing makeovers for yourself and don’t forget to comment what you think about them afterward.

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