During ancient times men and women used to believe in many things related to the stars and moon. You might have surely heard about Western Zodiac signs but have you heard about the Native American spirit animals? According to native Amercian culture, the time of the year you were born is used to discover your personality. Surprisingly, the spirit animals are found to be even more accurate than the western zodiac sign. 

1. January 20 – February 18: The Otter

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You are often considered to be unconventional but the way you do things always works for you. Your intuition gets you through all kinds of situations because you are able to perceive the best solution easily.

Also, you are known to be sensitive and sympathetic, while you always remain honest about the situation.

2. February 19 – March 20: The Wolf

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People may often seem to see you as a lone wolf, but you actually are full of compassion and generosity for those you care about. Moreover, you value your independence and sometimes your desire to chase down dreams leads you to a path of obsessive behaviour.

3. March 21 – April 19: The Falcon

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You are most often seen as a leader because of your ability to make quick decisions is unparalleled. Also, you are focused and confident so people tend to see you like you are showing off. However, it doesn’t matter since your usually busy with the next task at hand!

4. April 20 – May 20: The Beaver

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You are a leader but you have a unique style of leadership. You might be seen as cunning and quick, while most often your planning takes place behind the scenes. You are helpful and loyal, but at times you can get possessive and demanding of the people around you.

5. May 21 – June 20: The Deer

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Just like anyone else you are quick-witted. Moreover, your skill to diffuse any situation with humour is absolutely outstanding. Your ability to converse with anyone helps you out in a lot of situations and your congenial attitude makes you a fun person to be around.

6. June 21 – July 21: The Woodpecker

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You are an organised and capable person who always likes to be supportive of the people in your life. You are a romantic and feel like you need someone to put all that caring energy towards.

7. July 22 – August 21: The Salmon

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You are a creative person full of confidence. Moreover, you tend to motivate people around you. However, you suffer from biased opinions and can be a little bit intolerant of people who don’t share your opinions.

8. August 22 – September 21: The Bear

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You are a person who practically approaches situations, you are more than capable to choose the best method to accomplish your goals. You are often shy and can be very modest about your achievements, but are never shy to show others love.

9. September 22 – October 22: The Raven

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You are a person who has an easy charm that you can exude that is simultaneously diplomatic and innovative. Besides, you have an entrepreneurial spirit that keeps you on your toes. Strategising is your strong suit, and you can get a little bit stubborn when people try to step away from your plan.

10. October 23 – November 22: The Snake

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You are mysterious and secretive, but it works well for you as you are sensitive to those who need someone to share their deepest secrets with. You are adaptable and flexible, but maintain a fiercely protective attitude of those you care about.

11. November 23 – December 21: The Owl

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You love an adventure and are extremely adaptable. You can go along with anyone and anything, but sometimes you can become reckless and thoughtless with your actions. You are sensitive and attentive when you are with others, with a warm energy that makes people feel comfortable.

12. December 22 – January 19: The Goose

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You are the type of person that everyone gives all their jobs too because they know you can handle it. No matter what the goal is, you can get it done. You are a driven and determined person, and you are considered by many to be wise beyond your years.


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