Social media began as a way to connect with people but over the years has become a lifeline for everyone on the internet. However, not many people realise about risks of oversharing on social media are dangerous. 

Here are five mistakes people usually make over the internet that can endanger their life.

1. Take privacy seriously and stop being too public

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Facebook users have reported that photographs they set to “private” on Facebook were still indexed publicly in Google Image Search—and could be found by searching for their names. If you don’t want it found publicly, simply don’t post it.

2. Stop being ‘friends’ with everyone

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Make sure you know the people you add on social media, in real life if possible. Don’t hesitate to use the “block” feature when the situation seems to call for it.

3. Stop being too personal

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“Social engineering” involves attackers using whatever information they can glean from your public profiles

4. Stop being logged-on always on PC

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If you are using a public computer, make it a ritual to log out—and log out of private devices from time to time as well.

5. Stop using common passwords for all social media platforms

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Using a single password makes it easy for hackers, as gaining access to one means gaining access to all.

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