The number of people that are currently homeless are at astonishing numbers! What is even more surprising is that people that are lucky to have the basic necessities of life refuse to help those who struggle every day. In this inspiring video, this young boy at just the age of 12 shows us what it means to love and care for all. 


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Throughout the video, you will see him hang out with people who live on the streets; each of them with a unique story. Not only does he listen to them, he helps them out with food, water and self-care.

Children are our future and at times like these when they do more for people than adults, it should motivate us to act out of kindness and love too. If you’re lucky to have three meals a day, helping another with just one will absolutely change their world. You don’t know their story, but a helping hand should never be hesitant or selfish. We hope there are more people who decide to act on their human instinct instead of their human pride. 

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