Most times we let one small hurdle define our path by being petty and feeling helpless. But there are a few who create their own path by turning their so-called disadvantages into advantages. They create wonders in life and inspire us. 

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Archana Timmaraju, 33, was born in Andhra Pradesh and completed her education in Bengaluru. She did her masters in “Metal Sculpting” from Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath and now teaches art at Mallya Aditi International School. Archana was born with just 40% hearing ability.

Archana, along with her colleague Daniel Sundaram, on April 29, began a bike ride to Ladakh and returned to Bengaluru, Freedom Park, on May 29 completing a journey of 8,300 km. Archana rode on a Royal Enfield while Daniel rode a KTM bike.

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“I started riding at 21 and haven’t looked back since. The aim of this tour—Journey to Inspire—was to motivate the hearing impaired and encourage more women to ride bikes,” she said. According to Times of India, she has been facing difficulties in her speech, and she can hear to a certain extent with the help of a hearing aid. Archana, along with Daniel, founded a community called “Silent Expedition for Bikers” with particular emphasis on the specially challenged.

Archana’s mother Sita Mahalakshmi was extremely proud of her daughter. Instead of falling into the trap of self-pity, Archana took the high road and created a brilliant path for herself.


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