Electricity shortage with a population crunch is a major problem most developing nations face. However, this might all get resolved soon as this 15-year-old Reyhan Jamalova from Azerbaijan recent invention can harvest the energy from raindrops to generate electric power. This low-cost innovation has raised hopes of millions of Indians who are still living under the dark days of no electricity. 

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Have you ever wondered if we can harvest energy from wind then why not from rain? Well, this 15-year-old girl from Azerbaijan just might have an ingenious idea to do that. The idea of harvesting energy through rain came to the 9th-grade student Reyhan after her father told, “If you can make energy from wind, why not from rain?” Thinking about this she paired up with her friend, Zahra Gasimzade, to build a device that could harvest energy from rainwater, reported The Better India.

The two were assisted by their physics tutors during their four months of designing and calculations, with Azerbaijan government. The government also provided the seed money for the project worth $20,000.

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Rainergy, the device invented by the young duo is a 9-meter-high device with four main parts: a rainwater collector, a water tank, an electric generator and a battery. As the tank fills up with the help of the collector, the rainwater is then allowed to flow through the generator at high speed. The electricity generated by this process is stored in a battery.

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Based on they have also created two prototypes a small one that can light up three LED lamps and a bigger one that can light up nearly 22 LED lamps. Further, these devices are extremely eco-friendly. They emit about 10g/kWh of CO2 during electricity production, a low amount compared to other alternative energy solutions. Surprisingly many countries with heavy rainfall such as the Philippines, India, Malaysia and Indonesia have approached this idea.

Especially in India, this idea has gathered a lot of appreciation at the Global Summit of Entrepreneurship in November 2017. Further, Jamalova also received a special mention in Ivanka Trump’s speech on the occasion. We salute her for coming up with such an awesome innovation.

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