Dragging your feet to the gym is definitely a difficult task even in youth but this grandpa has no qualms about sweating it out at an age where most people struggle to stretch their muscles.

The lethargic lifestyle has engulfed a major chunk of the human population. Work no longer means using our physical strength. For most of us, the only muscles we use regularly are the ones in our hands for working on computers and phones. Thus backaches and stiff necks are no longer a problem that only the aged ones face.

In such a scenario, Henry Tseng,111, is a breath of fresh air. The centenarian is the great-grandfather of two, and rides a bike for at least 30 minutes every day. Going to the gym is the part of his daily routine.

As reported by Daily Mail, he owes his good health to “a daily gym routine” and staying “positive.” His daughter Hsia said, “My parents have always lived a healthy lifestyle. They did not do drinking, smoking drugs, none of those things.”

“He does 30 minutes on the bike and he watches the clock, making sure he gets his whole 30 minutes and no less,” Michelle Dodson, the assistant director of Healthy Lifestyles at the Collins & Katz Family YMCA, told Daily Mail Online.


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