We’ve seen people try their best at “honky-tonk” before, but these two take things to another level! Jason Colacino and Katie Boyle are longtime swing dancing partners and have taken home national competition championships for their skills in the past — but when they tried their hand at a performance set to the Rolling Stones’ hit song “Honky Tonk Woman,” things took an exciting turn! Thankfully, someone in the audience thought to record their dance routine and share it online for the world to see. Who would think that blending the smoothness of swing with the life and energy of honky-tonk music could be so fun?


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While it’s easy to classify Jason and Katie’s style as generalized swing, their technique is actually a style called West Coast Swing. This style is when the two dancers in each pair pull each other in and push each other out frequently during a performance. Oftentimes, they do so with a smooth, elastic nature and tons of fun moves thrown in between. So, instead of giving up on their dancing identity entirely, Jason and Katie combined West Coast Swing with the honky-tonk vibes of the song. The result was absolutely mesmerizing!

They way they were able to mesh the styles was something that obviously won over the audience — but would it be enough to impress the judges? Every move they shared with each other was on the beat, filled with enthusiasm and showcased their classical training. Thankfully, the judges recognized their skill and awarded them on the podium! The way their bodies moved to the beat together flawlessly is something that you rarely see nowadays. Even though it’s hard to believe, the passion for dancing lives in all of us — we just have to let it loose!

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