We often see skilled street artists who juggle, balance on ropes and do magic tricks to entertain us. However, to find a truly skilled master of knives is a rare treat! In this video check out a real-life fruit ninja who’s skills is sure to impress you. 


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The dedication and hard work required to master the art of using knives are fierce. So, when this pineapple vendor is recorded while in the midst of proving that pineapple cutting is obviously his niche, it makes you wonder how in the world did he figured that out?

The speed and accuracy of this street vendor will have kitchen enthusiasts thrilled, he really seems to love what he does; his attitude towards his work is truly admirable. If you enjoy this amazing real-life fruit ninja chopping don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.

Credit: JukinVideo

Tags: pineapple, fruits, street food, and ninja. Categories: Food.

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