Life can flip 180 degrees in a matter of second. So never stop dreaming and never stop thriving for your goals in life. Kaniishk S, from the Crescent Castle Public School, in Ooty, realised this exact same thing when he was selected by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in November 2018 for International Space Science Conference. Let’s see how this son of an agriculturist captured his dreams.

A Class 10 student, Kaniishk is all set to attend a conference organised by NASA. Image Credit: Crescent
Credit: The Better India

According to the reports from The Times of India NASA in November 2018 will be holding an International Space Science Conference and Kaniishk will be a part of it. Kaniishk has won the first prize in the National Space Science Essay Competition, organised by Go4Guru. The topic for which was ‘If I happen to meet an alien in Mars’. He found his way in the initial shortlist of 500 from around 3,000 entries. NASA then picked around 300 entries, and Kaniishk’s essay won him the first prize pan-India.

A correspondent of the Crescent Castle Public School Ummar Farooq told, “Teachers of the school and his parents are happy with his parents are happy with his exemplary performance in the essay competition. He made us very proud.”

During his seven day trip to NASA, Kaniishk will be interacting with leading scientists and astronauts in the field. He is excited and told TOI, “I am really excited at this point. Space research will be part of my life.”

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