Nature lovers were saddened when they heard the news about an orphaned Malabar grey hornbill chick found dead by the wayside in the Athirappilly forest in Thrissur, Kerela with a fruit in its beak.

The incident took place on 20th, April when officials went to feed the orphaned chick.

Credit: Pixabay (Representational Image)

These exotic birds are usually found in the Western Ghats and are known to lay their eggs in crevices on tree trunks and seal the entrance by dropping mud. However, they leave a small opening for the male hornbill to feed the mother and chicks.

The male hornbill was hit by a passing vehicle when it was out looking for food, to feed his family. Luckily, the forest officials found the orphaned family after searching for a day. The officials looked after the family by supplying fruits every day. The mother took the fruits for a while until she broke the seal and flew away.

Credit: Pixabay (Representational Image)

Even though the mother left, the chick was looked after by the forest officials. However, on April 20, officials found the chick dead inside the nest. Hornbill chicks usually take a few more days in the nest before the mother breaks open the seal. Sadly, this mother left her chick too early.

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