The fact that our love for food transcends geographical boundaries is something we can’t deny. When it comes to street food, Indian is one country where every state, every city has its own speciality. It is no wonder that foreigners too are drawn towards the lip-smacking treats sold by the friendly food vendors in the busy streets.

The stories below are a perfect example of how food unites people across borders!

#1 Chaiwala Chai, Toronto, Canada

Credit: Instagram

Eamon and Becca, a Canadian couple while they were working in Australia met a successful Melbourne café owner, George Manousakis, who perfected masala chai after 11 years of experimentation. The couple went head over heels with the blend and set off to the chai drinking countries of Asia, to learn the art of making that steaming cup of goodness from experts. The couple then returned to Toronto to open their own chai shop which they called ‘Chaiwala Chai.

#2 Jhakmuri, London, U.K.

Credit: Instagram 

Seeing a man or a woman selling chaat is common in the streets of India. However, a similar sight in London may come as a surprise to us all. Angus Denoon, a British chef who fell in love with Kolkata’s street food sells Jhalmuri in his beautiful and vibrant little cart in London. His Jhalmuri was such a hit with the crowd that he decided to start a full-time business based on it.

#3 SpiceBox, London, U.K.

Credit: Instagram

Regularly featuring in ‘London’s best vegan street eats’ articles, SpiceBox has already made it to Time Out London’s top ten street food list. As vegan food became popular in London, Grace Regan started SpiceBox with the aim to bring meat-free dishes to the masses. With a lifelong interest in cooking and Indian food, Grace started knocking up vegan curries in her kitchen. She started with delivery and takeaway orders but it was hard to get the word out, so soon she moved to street food and that’s how SpiceBox was born.


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