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Feel like a Lilliput in this gigantic world? 10 pics that will make your childhood imagination a reality

Bigger is always better and these designers have got that right. This random collection of huge things will make you feel like a little kid in a giant’s nest. Maybe if giants actually lived among us, it would be exactly the same!

Take a sneak peek into a mysterious giant world

Who threw that?

Credit: imgur [2]

This is the biggest chip ever

Credit: Reddit [4]

It would be blistering hot

Credit: Reddit [6]

Can you finish it?

Credit: imgur [8]

That is an adorable attempt

Credit: imgur [10]

Such great lung power!

Credit: Reddit [12]

Taking a long break?

Credit: imgur [14]

For the grandson

Credit: Reddit [16]

Every morning dose of coffee

Credit: Reddit [18]

Who lost their ducky?

Credit: imgur [20]