A lot of people equate a great summer vacation with sea, sun, sand, and family. But for the Nikitina family, they got more than they bargained for on one fortuitous summer day, while out at sea.

The family was out sailing and swimming in the Black Sea when they recorded a rare incident. They had already sailed a distance away from the mainland and were passing nearby a remote, rocky island when they heard strange cries coming off from that direction.

Upon closer examination, they saw that it was a lone kitten stranded on the rocks near the shoreline, trying to get their attention. The family’s daughter, Natalia, recalled, “The sound gradually intensified. At first, it was nearly invisible, but then I could see this black spot moving in the distance.”

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The kitten was jumping from rock to rock in a desperate attempt to reach them. Natalia shared, “She jumped over the stony bank, following our voices. She jumped from stone to stone, and crossed the snags.” But try as they might, they could not get to her because the water was too shallow for the boat.

In a daring bid to catch up with the family, the brave kitten then jumped into the water and swam towards them.

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Inspired by the kitten’s courage, two of the family members jumped into the water to grab the baby cat and take her aboard. When she reached the boat, the kitten was welcomed with open arms.

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The family decided they could not abandon a cat who cried out to them for help, so they decided to adopt her and christened her with the name Aurora. She now lives with Natalia’s mother.

©Facebook | Natalia Nikitina
©Facebook | Natalia Nikitina

Poor Aurora was so lucky to have caught the attention of the Nikitina family on that day. She is now a daily source of cuteness for the family.

©Facebook | Natalia Nikitina

It would not have been possible for the cat to survive alone on that island. The family was happy to have rescued her, and judging from Aurora’s photos, she seems to feel the same way.

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