It is an assumption that backbenchers often don’t achieve much success in life, and are constantly looked down upon and judged by teachers and peers for being lazy students who have no interest in studies. However, this story of Karnataka Cadre IPS officer, Mithun Kumar G K will show you how a backbencher student cracked the coveted UPSC exam. 

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Speaking to Humans of Lbsnaa IPS officer Mithun said, “In my childhood days, I was a mediocre student, the typical backbencher, the one on whom the brighter classmates and teachers would look down upon. There were hardly a handful who believed in me; now when I look back and reflect on all these, they were a blessing in disguise.”

He further went on to add that he thought to clear civil services or to achieve any success in life, one did not require any extraordinary skill. “I believe people clearing civil services or achieving anything else in life do not possess some extraordinary abilities or skills; they are ordinary people who believed in themselves despite all odds,” he said.

After his graduation, being the eldest son he had to join a job to support his parents who were nearing retirement. But, his heart wasn’t in the software profession and it took him three years to realise that. He says, “I felt something was missing. More than three years into job, my younger brother took up the responsibility of our home giving an opportunity for the long sown seed by my father to sprout in me.”

Here is what he said.

" In my Childhood days I was a mediocre Student, the typical backbencher, the one on whom the brighter classmates and…

Posted by Humans of Lbsnaa on Sunday, September 9, 2018

But, the determined lad was clear of his goal and dreams as he mentions specifically of how seeing a policeman on the road would always arise a spark in him. He further explains, “I believed any person in despair or an emergency would first run to either a hospital or a police station.”

After failing four times at different stages in the UPSC examination, he went out and achieved his dream.

He finally concluded on a positive note, and this is surely the much-needed motivation you are looking for. He said, “To go ahead or to stop is all in our mind, you never really know how far you can reach unless you try.”

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