Visiting places that bring the world of magic to life is a blessing to avid travellers, if you are one, Goa should definitely be on your list. It brings feelings of mixed emotions, no matter your mood this place has the ability to make you want to never leave its glory.

Goa is a lot more than great scenery and part scenes, it has hidden gems that most miss out on. Known as India’s most loved sunshine state, here are three places that HappyTrips recommends you visit on your next trip to this sandy paradise!

1. Arvalem Caves

The Arvalem Caves also known as the Pandava Caves is about nine kilometres south of Bicholim town. It dates all the way back to the sixth or seventh century with a history that is vivid. It is said that the five Pandavas from the Mahabharata took refuge here during their period of exile. Literally one of the secrets of Goa, it is explicitly protected by the Archaeological Society of India (ASI).

2. Bamanbudo Waterfall

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Hiding beautifully in the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary in Canacona, it is a sight that you definitely don’t want to miss! Most travellers aren’t aware of this treasure except the locals of the area. A piece of interesting history is that the name of the waterfall is Bamanbudo is after an old man who passed after he, unfortunately, drowned while taking a bath.

3. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

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This is Goa’s only birdwatching entity and is named after an ornithologist, it is absolute paradise! Take a ferry ride between Ribander and Chorao and you’re at the home to birds of all kinds, both local and migratory in a beautiful mangrove forest located on the Chorao Island. The birds residing there include black bittern, red knot, and pied avocet, and not to mention a few crocodiles!


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