Chances are that you have heard the popular phrase, “Dance like no one is watching”. It’s good advice on many levels, reminding each of us to enjoy the act of dancing (or anything else in life) without considering the judgment of others. If you’re like me, when you are in a group you may be reluctant to dance. There will always be a few people who are out there on the dance floor showing off their excellent rhythm and expert moves. I’m definitely not one of those people. My dancing is awkward and only mediocre on a good day. It used to keep me on the sidelines but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that dancing isn’t about what everyone else thinks of me, but how much fun I’m having.


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Dancing is not only good exercise but it’s a form of artistic expression and even an emotional release. You get to feel the music, deep down, and then move your body. If you can dance unselfconsciously, it can be a wonderful, freeing experience.

Only a few grasp this type of pure feeling and expression like children. Not yet hindered by the weight of judgment from others, kids are able to appreciate the music and truly dance ‘like no one is watching’. When the little girl in this video hears her favourite song, the infectious ‘Uptown Funk’, she shows everyone her moves.

She’s at home, in her family’s kitchen, with only her family watching and she breaks out into her adorable dance. She swings, shakes, and moves to the music and her dance has delighted the entire internet. She’ll probably grow up to be a much better dancer than I will ever be, but at this moment, her innocence and freedom reminded me to let loose once in a while.

Check out her dance moves below, and please like and share this video with someone who needs a smile!

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