What we wear says a lot about us! And hair, the best accessory we own, is no different. You’d be surprised to know that someone can read your personality like a book just on the basis of your hairstyle alone. Take a look at these hairstyles and what they mean!

Straight hair

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Straight hair is often dubbed as fuss-free and much like the style, women with straight hair are also seen as easy going. It also makes women look more put-together which can give an aura of elegance.

Curly hair

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People with curly hair are seen as feisty and carefree. They are often perceived as bold because curly hair is not one to be tamed.

Wavy Hair

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Wavy hair might look effortless but in reality, it is very high maintenance. Apart from looking gorgeous always, women with wavy hair are seen as the perfect cocktail of elegance and fun.

Short hair

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Short hair is not as easy to maintain as they look. Women with this hairstyle spend a substantial amount to of time to maintain it. Short hair often translates to a more artistic and expressive person.

Long hair

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Long hair looks chic and sophisticated. Women with long hair are seen as elegant and are often perceived as someone who cherishes freedom.

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