Twins are special, identical or not, having someone to share every second of your life with, is a special privilege. Even parents dream of having two of the same, except when it comes to paying college fees of course. Never the less, twins are double the joy. Ava Maria and Leah Rose was exactly that for their parents, a joy. But what makes this duo stand out from the crowd is the fact that they look like supermodels from the time they were just babies!

If you don’t believe their looks are what made this gorgeous duo famous, see it for yourself!

The cutest little angels ever

They’re seven now!

You see where they get their looks from

Their green eyes is what made them famous

Their innocent smiles

and their tan skin with jewel-toned eyes

Obviously, they’re meant to be models

Just look at their confidence and attitude

Twinning with the mother

Quite a duo aren’t they


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