Cheating has never been the right way, so if you spent all night trying to study yet you know you won’t pass then please don’t try any of these ideas below. However, the people who tried these were definitely imaginative. Let’s ignore the fact that it’s wrong for a moment and appreciate the creativity used because most of it doesn’t really look legit.

So here are 10 hilarious yet creative ways of cheating like never before.

1. How smart is this kid?

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2. When the organic table is way too over your head!

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3. iCopy!

Credit: Twitter

4. Did you try this in school?

Credit: Pinterest

5. You’d definitely need a microscope

Credit: Flickr

6. Is it true or false?

Credit: Reddit

7. Smart idea!

Credit: Reddit

8. How to help your friends out

Credit: Imgur

9. Copy level- Expert!

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10. Surely a genius invented this

Credit: Wikimedia

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