Being the baby of the house means you are the centre of everybody’s attention. Almost all your wishes are granted and you can ask for more without any hesitation. But if someone else younger than you come in, then you feel that your share of importance reduces. Well, something similar happened with Astro, a pet to a couple who recently had a baby. 

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Astro, a dog pet was adopted by Corey and Elsa several years ago. From then, it was Astro who was the baby of their house. But something changed a few days ago when the couple bought their newborn baby Noah to the house for the first time.

Dogs love getting into habits but the couple was amazed by Astro’s incredible sense to understand the condition and adapt accordingly. Astro was in love with the baby, it is maybe because he had an idea that Noah was on his way.

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Astro hardly left Elsa during the course of pregnancy. When the couple brought the baby home, Astro was little baffled but after a couple of sniffings, he understood that the newest member of the family has finally arrived.

Well, Astro has appointed himself as the supervisor for Noah’s needs. From the time they adopted him, he used to snuggle and sleep in between both of them but since Noah has come home he sleeps next to his crib.

Credit: Facebook

He supervises all diaper changes and makes sure that the couple is doing everything in a right manner. The change and maturity Astro has shown is something really remarkable. From being the baby to now the protector of the baby, good job, Astro.

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