It’s a precious moment for any couple when they hear the news that they are being blessed with a baby. But for this couple, they were blessed with seven of them. They were given happiness in abundance. Bobbi Mccaughey and her husband Kenny just couldn’t believe at first that they are going to have seven children.

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The couple already had a daughter when Bobbi became pregnant with seven babies but the doctors had a different opinion. They asked her to terminate four of them since it is a huge risk carrying multiple babies.

But the couple wanted to have all of them. Even after telling them repeated they that terminating some will increase the chances of the other babies to survive, the couple stuck to their decision of having all seven of them. And you know what?

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Bobbi was able to carry the septuplets to term. It was a risky though because most of the babies were underweight but the couple fought for their babies. They faced even more trouble when two of their children were suffering from cerebral palsy and the other two having severe acid reflux.

That’s not all, many people had mixed opinions about the family, some felt that they are wasting the world’s resource. Some even called them selfish after refusing the doctors advise but then there were also people who showed their support for the family and the couple’s decision.

Credit: Facebook

They got donations which include a house, college scholarships and a family van. Fortunately, all children did well in life and they even graduated high school and are looking at their future options.

Watching them pursuing what they wanted in their life as the couple had made the right decision in the past by having all seven of them. Take a look at the video to witness the septuplets:


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