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Do you dare to dig into this chef’s mind-bending desserts?

If you’ve ordered a dessert from chef Ben Churchill, chances are that you might get something that was totally unexpected. Ben specialises in creating mind-bending food illusions where nothing on the plate is what it seems. Ranging from ashtrays to a cleaning sponge, you’ll realise they’re sweet treats only after you begin to dig in.

1. Is the orange overripe?

Credit: Instagram [1]

2. Looks more like a bitten off apple than a cake!

Credit: Instagram [2]

3. The perfect dessert for smokers

Credit: Instagram [3]

4. This artist is a master of illusion

Credit: Instagram [4]

5. Even the “soil” is made of chocolate!

Credit: Instagram [5]

6. Who would’ve imagined this is a beetroot and chocolate brownie?

Credit: Instagram [6]

7. Candle cut into two is actually a chocolate and cranberry delight!

Credit: Instagram [7]

8. This is epic! no one but the artist would’ve known what it really is…

Credit: Instagram [8]