There are around 50 million diabetics in the world, and unfortunately, it is approaching the risky lines of being an epidemic. It is not an easy task to fight this disease nor is it easy to maintain a lifestyle appropriate for it. With medications and precautions proving to be hard to follow, an ancient Chinese remedy might be able to help diabetics out.

Times of India reported that the Chinese may have found an answer to diabetes; mangoes! It is said that for centuries, mango leaves extract has been used to treat diabetes and even asthma due to the increased about of nutrients present in the leaves.

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This may be a theory that most are doubtful of but science has backed up its purpose. TOI reported that a study that was conducted in the year 2010 showed that mice absorbed less glucose when they were given mango leaves extract. Unlike the mice that did not consume the extract, their blood sugar levels dropped.

Mango leaves extract has the ability to improve the production of insulin in the body while it increases the distribution of glucose as well. What this does is, it levels out the sugar levels in the blood. The nutrients that are present in the extract of these mango leaves include pectin, fibre and vitamin C which all help in lowering the cholesterol levels in the body too.

Diabetics suffer through a lot of symptoms which include ‘frequent urination at night, blurred vision, and excessive weight loss.’ So, it is said that the leaves help relieve these extremely stressful symptoms.

Although diabetics greatly benefit from it, anyone can try this out! It’s an easy process: After boiling 15 fresh mango leaves in 100 ml – 150 ml of water, leave it overnight. Drink it before breakfast in the morning and follow this routine every day for about three months to notice results.

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