Delhi Prevention of Begging Rules 1960 formulated under the Bombay Prevention of Begging Act 1959 was extended to Delhi in 1960, making begging an offence. The Delhi government has been taking active measures in putting beggars in homes and helping them lead better lives.

Times of India reported that the government has come up with new plans to help beggars have a better livelihood. The most important plan is to initiate a vocational skill development program, where they will be trained in tailoring, handicrafts and other skills. The beggars will be given identity cards during their training program as well. Towards the end of the training period, an idea has been proposed to provide them with kits and sewing machines to help them earn their daily living.

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Social welfare minister Rajendra Pal Gautam said to TOI, “A cabinet note has been prepared for the programme under which those staying at government beggar homes will be taught vocational skills. It will be put up before the cabinet soon. We will provide Rs 250 every day to those enrolling for the programme. Our aim is to give them a life of dignity and respect once they get out of the homes and ensure that they don’t return to begging”.

The government is hoping for more beggars to enroll in the training programs and be in better living conditions.

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