On the night of May 21, a father was saved by his brave daughters from men who were armed and ready to loot the family’s store at Ashoka Pillar in Jayanagar. 

Times of India reported that these women acted in 37 seconds when they pushed these intruders who held knives, out of  Sri Chamundeshwari Jewellers, all of which was captured on installed CCTV cameras in the shop.

While their father C V Raghu ran the shop with his elder daughter Vaishnavi that evening, at 8:16 pm a person entered the shop without removing his helmet or his shoes. While their father asked the stranger to take his shoes off, the man went out and came back with five other men at 8:18 pm reported TOI.

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Credit: Pixabay | Brave daughters save their father from armed men who planned to loot the family’s jewellery store.

Police told TOI, that the men who wore helmets and gloves appeared to have planned this intrusion pretty well. When the robbers pulled out their knives and threatened their father with them, Vaishnavi rescued her father when she sensed something was off. As the father-daughter duo battled to get rid of the intruders, Raghu’s second daughter joined in on the fight. Although he suffered injuries while trying to ward them away, the trio managed to rush the intruders out, who then escaped on three bikes as per TOI’s report.

After Siddapura police were informed about the ordeal, S D Sharanappa, deputy commissioner of police (south division) told TOI that based on the complaints of the family, a case has been registered along with a special team being set up to catch the gang members.

Raghu, grateful for the rescue said to TOI, “We didn’t lose anything by the grace of God”

Anoush Gomes edited this report.

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