If you are a person who loves to cry over every small thing that disturbs you then you’re going to love this piece. Most of the time we don’t even want to cry but somehow even a simple television commercial can break us. However, it is found that crying can be good for our health, so sit back and know why! 

Reasons why we cry

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Did you know when we cry our tears aren’t the same? Well, there are actually three different kinds of tears and they are.

  1. Basal tears: Floats around your eyes protecting them all the time.
  2. Reflex tears: Caused because of physical irritation.
  3. Emotional tears: These are the only tears which are connected to sadness, stress, and other feelings.

When we sleep less

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Researchers have found emotional tears start flowing even when we aren’t getting enough sleep. Moreover, people who get only four and a half hours of sleep tend to be more irritable and weepy than well-rested patients.

So if you are a cry baby, don’t worry because it is good for your body and mind.

Crying keeps the doctor away

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According to the Amercian Psychological Association crying relieves anxiety and all worries in a relationship. Besides a good cry can physically change you and flush your stress hormones out of your body.

Stress is a major factor that ruins our health, from heart-related diseases to sore muscles, getting rid of it is the only remedy. So maybe crying is the best option.

It was also found an average woman cries about 72 times a year, but many of those cases are connected to PMS symptoms. But just know that if you are crying unnaturally too often then it is a sign of depression and should definitely consult a doctor.

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