Crying is known to be one of the most humane emotions we all have and quite honestly it comes out naturally. But did you know there are different ways in which people cry and the way they cry does reveal a lot about the strength of their characters?

So here are six different ways in which people cry that will say a lot about their personality.

1. Fake crying

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Do you often cry just for the sake of it? Or do you cry when things go sideways since you think crying will find someone who will look after your problem? Well, if you fake cry, then you are truly good at manipulating. You know how too use tears to get your work done, however, someday someone could come and call your bluff. The choice is yours!

2. Tearless terror

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Do you feel like crying but end up with no tears, even when your heart is broken inside? If this is that case then you have become numb to emotions. Moreover, you have understood that your pain is yours alone and no one can truly understand what you are going through because you have gone through a lot in life.

3. Silent sobs

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Are the type of person whose tears just roll down your cheek but nothing comes out of your mouth? This is a sign that you are an independent person, who is in control of emotions and even when your heart is broken you don’t utter a word of complaint.

4. Whimpering

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If you’re a person who cries half, who doesn’t want to show emotions but somehow does. Then you are the kind of person who likes keeping your emotions to yourself but your emotions usually get the better of you.

5. Snivelling

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Do you cry intermittently and complain at the same time? Well, if you do then you are more of a complainer than a crier. You do not look for solutions and keep interrupting people who offer solutions just the way you keep interrupting your cry to complain in between

6. Loud bawling cries

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If you cry your heart out, loudly just like how babies do, then you have a very innocent personality. You feel emotions as deeply as openly you express them. You are the kind of person who says what’s on their minds and you do not keep things to your heart

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