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Crazy, strange or unique? 9 weird looking cars that’ll make you feel what went wrong

We love our four-wheel drives so much that we go to great lengths in designing them! While most of the cars that we use on a daily basis look similar, there have also been a few queer ones that have hit the road. Here are some people who decided on not having a regular car and instead converted them into really strange and insane shapes. Some even resemble a telephone.

Scroll down and have a look at these unusual and hilarious cars:

1. Lawn maker’s car!

Credit: Imgur [2]

2. Coffee on wheels!

Credit: Imgur [4]

3. Landline car!

Credit: Imgur [6]

4. Banana car!

Credit: Imgur [6]

5. Pika pika car!

Credit: Imgur [6]

6. Cops need some space!

Credit: Imgur [10]

7. He left his courier service job!

Credit: Imgur [10]

8. Chewing gum car!

Credit: Imgur [10]

9. Timon and Pumbaa!

Credit: Imgur [10]