They say eyes are the window to the soul. A gaze at your loved one’s eyes can give you the feeling of comfort, warmth and love. You can also tell about the honesty of a person when you stare at their eyes. These expression filled eyes come in different colours. From black to brown to blue, people are blessed with beautiful eyes. But did you know your eye colour can tell a lot about your personality too?

Find out what your eye colour tells about you:

1. Dark Brown eyes

Credit: Pinterest | Representational image

People having dark brown eyes are hard on the outside but have a very soft personality. They care deeply for their loved ones and make them feel appreciated. They also have great leadership skills.

2. Light Brown eyes

Credit: Pinterest  | Representational image

People with light brown eyes tend to be great sleepers. It’s because they are sensitive and feel they are not loved or cared for. However, they are very loyal and can be counted upon in any situation.

3. Hazel eyes

Credit: Yahoo  | Representational image

People with hazel eyes are rule brokers. They are spontaneous and full of life. You will never get bored with them.

4. Green eyes

Credit: Pinterest  | Representational image

Green eyes definitely make people look mysterious and that’s not wrong. These people are curious and good at hiding their secrets. Along with that, they are also very compassionate.

5. Blue eyes

Credit: Wiseshe  | Representational image

People with blue eyes are full of positivity. people look up to them and admire them. However, it can make them a little egotistical sometimes. These people are a tough nut to crack.

So, which one are you?



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