The way we walk, the way we talk and even the way we write can reveal a lot about our personality. When every little aspect of ourselves can speak so much, hair colour can’t be left behind. The colour of our hair or the ones we are drawn to speak about the different facets, we as individuals possess. 

Choose the hair colour you are most drawn to and see what it reveals about you!

1. Blue Hair

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Being drawn to this hair colour indicates towards an adventurous personality. You are the life of the party and love attention. People love your outgoing personality.

2. White Hair

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You like a drama-free life. The white hair is also symbolic of purity and perfection. But your love for elegance doesn’t mean you don’t unleash your wild side ever so often.

3. Brown Hair

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The colour brown is a sign of reliability and steadiness. You are dependable in nature and people around you often count on you. You also possess natural leadership skills.

4. Red Hair

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This fiery red hair is symbolic of a confident personality. You possess a high self-esteem and truly believe in yourself. Self-doubt is something you don’t have to worry about.

5. Orange Hair

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You are a warm, friendly person. You radiate optimism and joy. Your positive nature often draws you to the good things in life.

6. Blonde Hair

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Being drawn to blonde hair indicates a bold personality. You are a heady mix of strength and glamour.

7. Purple Hair

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You are an imaginative person. You have a great capability of thinking out of the box. Purple is also a symbol of spirituality and being drawn to this colour might indicate mental and spiritual harmony.

8. Black Hair

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Being attracted to black hair indicates a thoughtful person. You are a sensitive individual and are the go-to person for your loved ones who seek advise.

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