“Impossible” is not achieved by strength, but rather by perseverance. Legendary boxer Mary Kom is one such athlete who understands this very well. Throughout her career, she has broken several barriers and made India proud. Recently, she yet again defied all odds to win the third gold medal of the year. Here is what she did! 

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Mary Kom had to lose 2kgs in 4 hours after being jet-lagged when she landed in Poland for the 13th Silesian Open Boxing Tournament. She not only lost the weight but also notched off a gold in the tournament.

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According to the New Indian Express, she said, “We landed in Poland at round 3-3:30 in the morning and the general weigh-in was at around 7:30am. I was a couple of kilograms above 48kg, the category I compete in, at that point,”. She further added, “So, I had roughly four hours to shed that or I would have been disqualified for being over-weight at the time of general weigh-in. But I did skipping for an hour at a stretch and just like that, I was ready.”

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Mary who is a five-time world champion is still going strong – a behemoth in boxing, despite her age. A mother of three she always outdoes herself in every fight and always pushes forward even in her defeats. Her determination and perseverance is something that has inspired a whole nation. We are truly proud that among us we have such a champion who leads by example.


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