Autoimmune diseases are ailments where your own immune system will accidentally start to attack different parts of the body. Even though there are almost 80 autoimmune diseases, the symptoms of all are common. This can be really dangerous to your health and needs early diagnostics to help you live a healthy lifestyle. Here we have 7 symptoms that are an indication that something is wrong with your immune system.

Take a look at these signs:

1. Headaches or brain fog

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Headaches and brain fog can harm your quality of life. These symptoms are related to lack of sleep and stress but they also a sign of a dysfunction in our immune system.

2. Acne or psoriasis

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These issues can be really disturbing as they will affect your skin. These are one of the earliest signs that you can notice if your immune system is losing its efficiency.

3. Fatigue or hyperactivity

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All autoimmune conditions have this common symptom. You will feel small tasks are taking too much energy and you wake up tired after having sufficient sleep.

4. Joints pain or stiffness

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These pain or stiffness can make normal day to day activities like walking, climbing stairs and cleaning more difficult. These can be constant or come for a period of time but it repeats then it high time to consult a doctor.

5. Gastric issues

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This another serious sign of autoimmune diseases. Issues with digestion are really harmful to the body.

6. Hair loss

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If the immune system starts to attack hair follicles, it will result in hair loss. It can also affect hair on other parts of the body.

7. Weight gain or loss

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Some of the autoimmune diseases affect our thyroid. Because of this it starts to produce excessive hormones or does not produce enough hormones, people can lose or gain weight.


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