The human brain is so tricky that sometimes we think of the most ingenious thoughts and other times we simply get stuck with the silliest of ideas. These images are the right treats for our naughty brains because they are so creatively tricky that once you see the wacky side of it, you’ll never be able to unsee it.

Get ready for a roller coaster

It’s a cat holding a rifle

Credit: Imgur


A batch of deep fried chicken

Credit: imgur


She’s a zebracorn

Credit: imgur.


This is proof that it’s dangerous

Credit: Reddit


When you drop a can and it doesn’t forgive you

Credit: Imgur


This cocktail looks disgusted with itself

Credit: Imgur


Look, mum, I’m a unicorn!

Credit: Imgur


Jame Bond Vs The Giant Ant

Credit: Imgur


A mystical reindeer dog

Credit: Imgur



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